Top 5 Reasons to Choose North Summit!
WiFi Coverage and Internet Speeds

Kids moaning about poor internet speeds?

Colleagues complaining about patchy WiFi coverage?

Improve WiFi Coverage

throughout home, office, warehouse & outside.

Improve Internet Speeds

offering better video streaming and faster browsing

If you're struggling with slow internet speeds or poor WiFi coverage due to having a large home, living in a rural area or having a number of colleagues wanting to use the WiFi at once, we can now support you in your home or business to improve connectivity.

Installation of WiFi Extenders and Access Points


These can be placed throughout your home or business, or simply in the locations you want to improve your internet and WiFi connection.


Either wired and wireless connectivity available.

Dedicated Superfast Internet Connection


We've partnered with different businesses to offer homes and businesses the best internet possible, even in rural areas where connection is usually poor.


Even if you already have a superfast connection, we may be able to offer a cheaper solution.

Wired Internet and Networking


Want the reliability and stability of a wired connection?


We also install internal internet cables (ethernet and telephone lines) to ensure your devices within your workplace and home get a strong connection.


This option may be best for those requiring a critical connection or for older building, due to the building's materials interfering with wireless internet connections.

Providing a low-cost yet effective, professional solution to provide a better internet browsing experience

for homes and businesses in and around Haslingden, Rossendale.


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